Jan 11

Interview with Alexandria Sekella – Exclusive

1471831_481207891995535_797508013_nAlex Selkella was made famous when she appeared on MTV’s hit TV show “16&Pregnant” where we see her dealing with teen pregnancy and all of the issues and trials that come along with it. She then went on to do MTV’s show “Teen Mom 3′‘ where we see her as a parent dealing with the everyday struggles including working two jobs, having to co-parent, and the everyday in and outs of having a child.

We had the chance to speak with her about her experience over the last few years.

1. How did you find out about 16&Pregnant?

My friend was showing me an episode and we saw an ad for it.

2. What made you sign up for the show?

One of my friends actually sent in the email resume, once they called me I figured why not.

3. Did your life change a lot after the airing of your episode?

My life didn’t really change at all.

4. What made you continue on and do “Teen Mom 3″?

I decided to do TM3 because I wanted people to learn from my own stupid mistakes.

5. How do you feel about TM3 being cancelled? Everyone was saying you were upset at first.

I was a little bit but it was a great opportunity and it is time to move forward from it.

6. Do you ever regret doing the show and putting yourself and your family in the public eye?

I don’t regret any of it.

7. What is it like seeing yourself on TV and knowing strangers now know who you are?

Seeing myself was a bit weird at first but strangers don’t really know me they have only seen half of me.

8. How has your life changed since TM3 first aired?

My life hasn’t really changed at all other than people know who I am in public.

9. Do you still do dance?

I don’t compete anymore but I do teach and and we are getting ready to start Arabella in competitions.

10. Tell us about Bellie and what she has been doing.

Arabella is the same just older and taller. She takes gymnastics and dancing, she likes to color and draw, and she always tells me she is a princess.

11. How do you juggle school and being a mom? Do your family and friends help you a lot?

My grandma helps me a lot with going to school and work.

12. Any plans on writing a book?

Yes there is one in the works.

13. What are your plans now that the show is over? What should we expect from you now?

Plans now that the show is over is getting a dance studio together and getting my education finished in business.

14. What would you like to say to your supporters over the last few years?

You guys were awesome throughout the season and after TM3 ended. Thank you all so much.

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