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Catfish: The TV Show – Aaliyah and Alicia – Recap

Catfish The TV ShowAre we meeting Catfish’s first lesbian couple tonight? Meet Aaliyah. One of the sweetest girls to ever appear on the show. She’s experiencing her first love with a girl named Alicia who lives just 70 blocks away. Problem is, Alicia isn’t “out” and refuses to met her. She enlists the help of Nev and Max, who hop on a plane to Oakland to do some sleuthing.

Catfish: Aaliyah and Alicia recap:

Aaliyah has had some hardships in her life. Her and her mom were recently evicted from their home and she’s been couch hopping ever since. Her mom was diagnosed with MS and Aaliyah was diagnosed with ADD. After finally finding an expensive school that would help her daughter, she gave up her home for her education. Now that’s amazing.

Aaliyah may be sweet but she’s incredibly trusting. She sends Alicia over 600 dollars and an iPhone. Never send people money!

Catfish Aaliyah and Alicia

The Search

The guys attempt a few image searches but nothing comes up. They try, instead, to contact a few of Alicia’s friends on her Facebook. They end up finding an ex boyfriend and her sister. Her sister tells them she’s had a boyfriend for a year and if she was gay, they would not be okay with that.

Is this simply a case of a girl that’s struggling with herself? Do Aaliyah and Alicia have a shot?

When the guys tell Aaliyah what they’ve discovered, I can sense her heartbreak from here. I can’t see this ending well for her.

The boys call Alicia to try and convince her to meet Aaliyah. “What if I don’t want to meet her?” “It’s none of your business.” She’s not happy they’re filming this but she comes around quickly enough. It’s amazing what the promise of 15 minutes on camera will do to someone’s attitude. I wonder if they’re paid.

The Meet Up

When Alicia walks out, she’s a little chub and I think that’s going to be the extent of this. Boy, was I wrong.

So, this girl is not nice. And that’s probably the understatement of the century. She’s like a mixture of Mhissy and that guy that resembled a sociopath with no emotions a few weeks back. She thinks the entire thing is hilarious, she has no feelings for Aaliyah, and just did it for the money.

“I don’t want anything with you. It was a lie and you embarrassed yourself.”

Poor Aaliyah breaks down in Max’s arms. I feel so bad for her! Nev continues to talk to Alicia and discovers she’s a bit of an internet con artist. She’s happy she’s employed.

Catfish Aaliyah and Alicia 2

Max believes that this girl does like Aaliyah but just won’t admit it to herself. When Max questions it, she storms out. I’m not sure if I even believe that she cared at this point, no matter what she’s agreeing to.

The angle of Max at her door makes me think he’s about to get punched or a drink thrown in his face.

Surprisingly, they meet up with her one more time and Nev is wearing a sports coat. I don’t understand why.

Alicia tries to explain that she’s this way because she’s had it done to her in the past. Whatever, I don’t feel bad for you right now. Nev thinks she should return the phone but Aaliyah lets her keep it.

Aaliyah, girl, you’re being way too forgiving. I would have ripped her fake eyelashes off.


  1. Jen

    This girl doesn’t come across as someone secretly in love, more like a con artist! She’s never been caught, so she thought, “If I want to be able to keep up this fraud, I d/need to ACT like there’s a friendship,” — because it’s on nationwide t.v.
    That girl doesn’t work, yet look at her BLING. Then look at the victim; she doesn’t have any of that stuff. The con artist HAD to know the situation that she’s living in, and still chose to take her money. She should be sued AND prosecuted as a con artist.

  2. Sharnika

    Tell Aaliyah to hit me up on Facebook… I did not like the way that mean girl did her Aaliyah look like she a nice person

  3. alvin

    Love to meet Aaliyah seems like a very beautiful and loving lady

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