Aug 12

Breaking Bad 5×09 – Blood Money recap

21b1ba1eac71cabdca2d63e20836132351c206d697b52Breaking Bad is finally back for its finale episodes. This is the end of the story of Walter White aka the Great Heisenberg. So last season, well we should say at the mid-season 5, ended with THE big news. Indeed, Hank finally discovers his brother-in-law is the man he’s been looking for all this time.

The premiere started what seems to be a couple of weeks later. The White’s house is now abandoned and the swimming pool is used as a skate park. Walter comes back home. He has a bear and hair, and he is definitely not good looking. No doubt he went through a really bad period. Once inside there’s HEISENBERG tagged on the wall, telling us he’s been discovered. But by who? Did Hank reveal his identity?

breaking-bad-episode-8-hank-e1346693419958We go back to the “present” where we stopped the last season. Hank is in Walt’s bathroom with the Leaves of Grass book in his hands opened at the first page where Gab wrote a little note for the other W.W. in this case Walter White. Shocked, he goes back outside hiding in the way, the book in his bag and tells everyone he is having a stomachache to explain his behavior.

Dean Norris offers in this episode a great performance – so much better than in Under The Dome. He plays perfectly a shocked Hank who is going through a sort of post-traumatic episode but at the same time keeps strong. The man has just discovered his brother-in-law has been lying to him for months but the way he is hiding his anger, his tremor is just perfect.

At the same time, Skylar and Walter are still managing the car wash. Skylar seems more and more uncomfortable even voluntary ignorant of what’s going on. When Walter suggests they should buy another car wash to launder more money, she answers faintly a yes as if she didn’t care. Maybe she is feeling the danger coming.

Indeed, at his home, Hank is going through all the files about the Heisenberg’s case and for a couple of seconds through the evidence, we’re going back through the five seasons of the show. In front of him, Hank is finally putting all the pieces together and if he has some doubts, they disappeared at the moment he saw the drawing of Heisenberg’s face and recognizes Walt.

Meanwhile Jessie is at his home in a really really bad condition. The scene is quite hilarious thanks to Skinny and Badger, his friends, who are having a vivid talk about Star Trek. Skinny has some theories about the transporter. Badger even explains his Star Trek screenplay idea involving a pie contest between the show characters. This passage is as if Leonard and Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory had been taking some meth…and it’s just so enjoyable.

But the important is about Jessie who completely lethargic. He is definitely suffering mentally from what happened the last season (the whole Gus story, Mike…etc). He finally leaves the house with the two bags of money Walter gave him and pays a visit to Saul Goodman. Jessie refuses to take the money and wants to give one of the bags to the kid who was died in the desert and to Mike’s daughter. Immediately Saul freaks out and refuses to do such a thing and call Walter instead. It’s good to see he didn’t change all this time.

Walter comes to Jessie’s home finally and both talk: Jessie feels guilty about what they did while Walter remains bbdecisiontop-710x383calm and even lies when Jessie accuses him of having killed Mike. This passage is exactly what makes the show so good. The hero is actually a villain who doesn’t seem to feel any emotion or regret for the horrible things he did and at the same time we have sympathy for him. For a reason, we understood why he is acting this way. And at the same time, Jessie appears as the antihero of the show, maybe the hero. He’s the looser who is showing a heart and is sensible.

This is the reason why, later that night, while driving, he throws all his money into people’s yard like a newspaper delivery boy will do. And soon after, when he meets a homeless man gives him a wad of dollars. If at the beginning of the show, all he wanted was a lot of money he had changed a lot right now.

At the same time, Walter is sick and throwing up in his bathroom. There he discovers his Walt Whitman’s book had disappeared and anxiously starts to look for it.  His research leads him to another discovery: a GPS tracker hidden under his car. This leads us to what is the most awaited scene in the show: Hank/Walt duel. I’ve been waiting for it and gosh it was better than expected.

It starts quite simply with Walter paying a visit to his brother-in-law. It’s casual for him but you can feel Hank’s anger and disgust for this man he thought to be his family. Walter feels something is wrong and prefers to leave. But just at this moment, he decides to ask him about the GPS tracker and if he knows anything about it. He points out that it’s the same type of device than they used when he investigated on Gus.

Hank punches him and calls him Heisenberg. Hank confesses he knows everything and will do all he can to put Walt in jail, whoever he is. Deep down inside him, it’s not Heisenberg he wants to see in jail but truly his brother-in-law. The most unbearable for him is definitely the fact he lied to him all this time and seems to face another person he doesn’t know. “You bombed a nursing home” he even says angry. And Walter tells him he won’t put him in jail because his cancer is back. The prosecution will take so long that he will be dead at that moment. Plus nobody will trust such a story. They stand out daring each other.

So will Hank bring down Walter? Or will he keep the secret? How Jessie is going to go through everything? Will Walter tell him about Hank?

More to come next week with Breaking Bad episode 10 J

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