Jun 25

Catfish: The TV Show – Cassie and Steve – Recap

Catfish The TV Show

It’s that wonderful time of year folks! MTV’s hit docu-series Catfish is back! The return of crazy online internet relationships that are never exactly what they seem. Best of all, it’s the return of the Bromance of all Bromances. Nev and Max are both back for season 2 and their love is stronger than ever. “Filmmaker buddy Max.” Yeah, okay Nev. I am so ready for more of Max and his bitterness and Nev getting pedicures.

As great as they are, they’re not the only reason we’re watching (okay maybe they are). The season premiere deal with Cassie and Steve. Cassie desperately wants the help of Nev and Max to finally meet her fiance. Yep. You read that right.


Cassie found love in Steve after her life was in shambles. Her father was murdered in Haiti and her life was spiraling out of control as a result. After a couple years, Cassie proposed to Steve and “Steve” said yes.

The guys do some digging and discover that Steve’s pictures are that of a gorgeous model. The guys are still using high tech tools like Google to make their discoveries. This time around, they acknowledge how easy it is to Google someone and people are basically just idiots.

We’re given a scene with Cassie and her best friend Gladys who she has known and loved forever. Red flag immediately.

They trace back one of Steve’s songs to the original artist who turns out to be Gladys’ cousin. Cassie breaks down and Nev consoles her on the bathroom floor. It’s a very sad scene to watch but I can tell where this is going and so can Cassie.

The gang goes to visit Gladys’ house and she admits to making Steve up. I’m really surprised this came out so easily and I’m really wondering where the next half hour is going to go.

I am loving Max’s face of judgment.

Gladys claims she did it to prove to Cassie she didn’t need guys that treated her like crap and asked her cousin Tony to talk to her.

“You guys are gonna get her if she tries to hit me right?” lulz.

In the end, Cassie doesn’t hate Gladys and they hug it out.

Girlfriend is forgiving. I would never.

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